APHES Statutes

  • [ I ]

    The Association is constituted by invited members, full-rights members, and members.

  • [ II ]

    Invited members are renowned historians that are admitted in line with the present statutes.

  • [ III ]

    Full-rights members are historians who have been dedicated to the scientific field of the Association, and considered as such by the Executive Committee.

  • [ IV ]

    Members are students or researchers who have yet to publish any work that the Executive Committee considers necessary for them to be full-rights members. 

  • [ V ]

    The Association bodies are constituted by the General Assembly and the Executive Committee. 

  • [ VI ]

    The Executive Committee proposes to the General Assembly the admission of invited members and decides on the admission of new full-rights members and members. 

  • [ VII ]

    The Association is constituted for undetermined purposes.

  • [ VIII ]

    The exoneration and exclusion of its members is not part of the Association's statutes.

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The APHES honoured four of its members in four occasions: 1988, 1999, 2005 and 2011.  
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The history of APHES

Founded in 1980, the association has more than 500 members and organized more than 30 annual conferences. 
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About the APHES

The APHES exists to support research and teaching in economic and social history.  
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