APHES Award 2003

Conference paper awarded:

Nuno Miguel da Silva Campos, "Redes sociais: D. Pedro de Meneses e a construção da Casa de Vila Real (1415-1437)", Universidade de Évora.

Jury panel report:

This thesis has as its object of analysis the political and social life of D. Pedro de Menezes, founder of the Vila Real House.
It can be considered part of the field of the History of Social Power, and it is built on the basis of the analysis of social networks, following the anglo-saxon anthropological model. 
The structure of the work is built on top of the analysis on the strategies of conquest and consolidation of political power and social status used by D. Pedro de Meneses and which made it possible for him the become captain and regent of Ceuta and Count of Vila Real.
Regarding the construction of the thesis itself, it is important to highlight the global quality of the work presented, justifying the award:
- A rigorous definition of the topic, and structuring the work in relation to a well-defined investigation programme.
- Clear presentation of the methodological and theoretical models used.
- Elaboration of a state-of-the-art in the academic field on the topic of the work, as well as the integration of critical bibliography.
- The innovation in the treatment of a topic traditionally confined to Political History.


José Luís Cardoso (ISEG/UTL), Presidente
Margarida Sobral Neto (FL/UC)
Maria de Fátima Brandão (FEP/UP)
Benedita Câmara (U. Madeira)
Álvaro Ferreira da Silva (FE/UNL)