APHES Award 2006

Conference paper awarded:

“ Os Capitulares da Sé de Coimbra (1620-1670)”, Hugo Daniel Ribeiro da Silva da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto .

Jury panel report:

The award-winning paper is a well researched and structured work that brings new insights regarding its topic.
It is clearly written, as well as being precise.
The documentation that is the subject of analysis is not only the correct one, but it is also clear that an attempt was made to diversify its sources, triangulating elements from different sources.
The work meets the objectives proposed, with the additional merit of being able to work on a theme that has been neglected by recent historiography in the period researched.
The author questions in an exemplary fashion its own results, contextualising them and showcasing maturity in the critical evaluation of the data, a particularly important attitude in an early career researcher and demonstrating the potentialities of its work.


Fernanda Olival (Presidente, U Évora)
Maria João Branco (U Aberta)
Fernanda Olival (Presidente, U Évora)
Maria João Branco (U Aberta)
Maria Manuela Rocha (ISEG/UTL)
José Vicente Serrão (ISCTE)
Santiago Zapata (U Extremadura, Espanha)