APHES Award 2016

Conference Paper Awarded:

The Scientific Committee decided unanimously to attribute the 2016 APHES Award to the paper presented by Hélder Carvalhal (CIDEHUS, U- Évora), entitled “Exércitos privados em Portugal na primeira metade de quinhentos: o caso de estudo da hoste senhorial do Infante D. Luís (c. 1530-1555)”.


Jury’s Report:

The Scientific Committee made this decision highlighting the following aspects:

 - The rigour and originality in the manipulation of an empirical basis difficult to manage and the use of which was time-consuming;

 - The attempt at quantification of the dimension of an army of a noble household (Prince Dom Luís) and of the number of pieces of weaponry;

 - The relevance of the study to the substantiated understanding of the sixteenth-century military revolution, and its contribution to the opening of interpretative paths that allow us to place Portugal within the international historiographical map, through the comparison with processes of military revolution that occurred in other states or political units;

 - The originality and pertinence of the topic, the quality of the theoretical and problematizing foundations presented, as well as the quality of the narrative. These are made clear in the way in which the paper weaves the threads together, by the attention it gives to the questions of the readers, and by the way in which the attention to details enriches the arguments and foundations of the conclusions.