Awarded paper:

The jury of the APHES award 2017 has decided to attribute the award to the paper “Un récit historique alternatif sur l’indépendance des banques centrales: la doctrine et les pratiques avant la théorie ou l’art avant la science”, by Adriano do Vale.

Report of the jury: 

The reasons for awarding the paper were the following:

  • The analysis in the paper is very well grounded in the international literature relevant for the study of the independence of central banks in the twentieth century
  • The topic of the paper is highly relevant for twentieth century Economic History
  • The text demonstrates the weaknesses of that literature and puts forth an alternative interpretation that is suggestive and promising of new developments
  • The text shows how it is possible to use non-primary sources to study Economic History, putting greater emphasis on a theoretical interpretation in opposition to approaches of a more empirically-based kind
  • The paper is very well structured and presented with great clarity, resulting in an important contribution to the field in which it is inserted