The Economic and Social History Portuguese Association has instituted in the General Assembly on the 17th November 2006 a Prize to be awarded to the best conference paper in the field of Economic and Social History presented at each of the Association annual meetings by early career researchers. 


The prize, valued at 250 Euros, will be attributed by a jury panel made of the members of the Scientific Committee in each annual meeting and elected, under a proposal by the Executive Committee, in the previous year General Assembly.


The jury panel may also co-opt new elements, as well as some of its elected members might be substituted by cooption due to some impediment on their part.


The following rules must be met for the conference papers presented at the annual meeting to be able to apply for the prize:


They must have been selected by the Scientific Committee to be presented at the annual meeting.


Their authors must be researchers either at Masters of Ph.D. level or, having concluded one of those, it must have been in the previous three years prior to the date of the annual meeting.


Their authors must have Portuguese nationality or must be researching at a Portuguese university or the conference paper's theme must be related to a Portuguese topic.


The conference papers must be unpublished, although they may have been presented at other academic conferences, except those organised by the Association or having been submitted to an academic journal.


They must be between 8000 and 12000 words.


The conference papers who wish to apply need to be sent to the Scientific Commission Meeting President, by email, until 45 days prior to the meeting, with relevant information regarding how the paper meets the rules established on paragraphs 2.§2 to 2.§4.


The conference papers may be co-authored, in which case the prize will be divided by the authors.


Conference papers where at least one of the authors meets the requisites established on 2.§3 will be considered.


If co-authored, all the authors must meet the requisites established on 2.§2.


The jury panel's decision is final, deciding with full autonomy over every matter, from its internal structure to the merit of each conference paper. Depending on the papers presented, it might decide not to award any prize, as well as awarding honorable mentions.


Jury's decisions will be announced until the date of the meeting and are final.


The APHES Executive Committee might suspend at any moment the attribution of the prize.


This regulation may be altered, fully or part of it, by a simple majority of the associates in a General Assembly.