CONFERENCE SERIES: New studies & new looks about the city: Lisbon from the Earthquake to the April Revolution

Lisbon, February 22nd to November 22nd, 2017

NIt can not be said that academic research on Lisbon has ever gone out of fashion; Is affirmed before as a continuous look on the city and every year one discovers, in its space and in his people, reasons for new studies. The perspective of the cycle of conferences "New studies & new looks on the city: Lisbon from the Earthquake to the April Revolution" is, therefore, to renew this look by presenting, discussing works, texts, projects that have Lisbon as scenery or actress. The cycle of conferences is organized by Daniel Alves and Rosa Fina, within the framework of the Institute of Contemporary History (IHC). The first conference will be held on February 22 at 6 pm in the Board Room of UACS, and will have the theme "Random-Walks on the plans for the 1755 Lisbon reconstruction. Cities as Complex Systems". It will be given by David Sousa-Rodrigues (Center for Complexity and Design, The Open University) and Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo (CIES-IUL, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, University Institute of Lisbon). See the conference program here.