13th Annual Conference of Italian Society of Law and Economics (ISLE - SIDE)

Rome, LUMSA University on December 15-16, 2017

Paper submission deadline: September 10, 2017

The Italian Society of Law and Economics (ISLE - SIDE) welcomes submissions of papers on any topic regarding the Economic Analysis of Law for its 13th annual conference to be held in Rome at LUMSA Universityon December 16-17, 2017. ISLE-SIDE invites contributions in all aspects related to Law and Economics, such as Bankruptcy, Behavioural Law and Economics, Competition Policy and Antitrust Law and Economics, Corporate Governance and Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law and Economics, Constitutional Law and Economics, Family Law and Economics, History of Law and Economics Thought, Institutional and New-Institutional Economics, Intellectual Property, Judicial Decision-Making, Law & Social Norms, Law and Finance, Regulation, Securities Law, and Taxation. .

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CFP for the Panel: European Urban Transformations, Transition and Change in European Urban Image Construction

Oporto, April 28-29, 2017

Deadline: March 15, 2017

The 7th Global Conference ‘Europe Inside-Out: Europe and Europeanness Exposed to Plural Observers’ aims exactly to refresh a broader approach and understanding of Europe by enlarging the platform of regular conferences and workshops for a wider arena of participants and disciplinary backgrounds in order to put on stage a worldwide monadology for such concerns. It is an intellectual event that addresses constructive thinking. The conference aims to enable critical alternatives to the disciplinary orthodoxy by creating a framework for interaction and dissemination of diversity that has to become once more a European trademark. The conference also aims to become a constructive confrontational space for alternative methodologies, provocative puzzles, inter, multi and trans-disciplinary understandings for wider and also for thinner specialized issues of concern on or about Europe of today and tomorrow. In a way, the conference stands to become a moment of return to the European specificity of critical self-understanding through dialogue and debate with all the discursive or narrative traditions that directly or indirectly constitute Europe in its plural facets. For more information about this conference please click here.

The Great War and the Azores: from naval strategy to trench warfare

Ponta Delgada, Azores – July, 13th -16th, 2017

Deadline: 5th February to 1st April, 2017

This meeting aims to analyze the relationship of the Atlantic, with particular emphasis on the Azores, the complex logistical support to the belligerents, regardless of the stage of war being European or colonial, and the multiple dynamics involved, whether political, economic, ideological or geographical. Likewise, it seeks to value and dignify not only the memory of those who act as, but the material and immaterial heritage, in the year in which the bombing of the main Azorean city and the creation of a foreign naval base in its territory is evoked.

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Postdoctoral fellow in Economic History, Lund University

Lund University

Application Deadline: April 3rd, 2017

The Department of Economic History at Lund University announces a position as Postdoctoral fellow in Economic History. The position is for full time employment.

Ohe holder will mainly work in a research project about long-run development in South Africa. The holder will conduct independent research in Economic History. She/he must be willing to interact with the students and to participate actively in the common activities of the Department of Economic History.

The position involves a limited amount of teaching and/or supervision of Bachelor and Master's Theses More information regarding the position and application can be found here.

CONFERENCE SERIES: New studies & new looks about the city: Lisbon from the Earthquake to the April Revolution

Lisbon, February 22nd to November 22nd, 2017

NIt can not be said that academic research on Lisbon has ever gone out of fashion; Is affirmed before as a continuous look on the city and every year one discovers, in its space and in his people, reasons for new studies. The perspective of the cycle of conferences "New studies & new looks on the city: Lisbon from the Earthquake to the April Revolution" is, therefore, to renew this look by presenting, discussing works, texts, projects that have Lisbon as scenery or actress. The cycle of conferences is organized by Daniel Alves and Rosa Fina, within the framework of the Institute of Contemporary History (IHC). The first conference will be held on February 22 at 6 pm in the Board Room of UACS, and will have the theme "Random-Walks on the plans for the 1755 Lisbon reconstruction. Cities as Complex Systems". It will be given by David Sousa-Rodrigues (Center for Complexity and Design, The Open University) and Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo (CIES-IUL, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, University Institute of Lisbon). See the conference program here.

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